Growth Strategy

Discover, assess, and locate business opportunities in Asia, Europe, and North America

At Armor-Capital, our expertise spans across Asia. Our team is not solely composed of finance professionals; we bring industry-specific experience. Additionally, we have a vast network of experts, including senior management from multinational corporations. We specialise in guiding companies to expand, enter new markets, and introduce innovative products and services.

Market Entry Analysis

We focus on crafting effective market entry strategies, assisting in entering new markets or introducing new products. This involves detailed market research and leveraging existing client relationships.

Geographical Expansion

Our expertise involves strategically expanding your business reach into specific regions aligned with growth objectives. We assess market potential, regulatory landscapes, and consumer needs for a smooth expansion process.

Expanded Client Base

We foster growth by expanding relationships with existing and new clients. Strategies are devised to nurture existing relationships and engage with potential new clients.

Value Chain Analysis

We examine both upstream (sourcing, production) and downstream (distribution, marketing) elements in value chains. This comprehensive assessment optimizes operations, identifies efficiencies, and drives productivity improvements across the entire chain.

Examples of our success


Potential Growth in Revenue

Market Entry Analysis

We collaborated with a software company seeking to enter a new market. Our comprehensive analysis delved into understanding the intricacies of the market landscape, including consumer behaviour, competitor positioning, market demand, and regulatory nuances. By conducting thorough market research, we provided valuable insights and strategic guidance tailored to their specific industry, enabling the company to make informed decisions and navigate the new market landscape with confidence.


Increase in Revenue

Location Expansion

Assisting a client in expanding into a new geographical region involved a meticulous assessment of various critical factors. We conducted an exhaustive analysis of the manufacturing landscape, scrutinizing infrastructure availability, labour market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, taxation policies, and logistical feasibility. This comprehensive evaluation empowered our client with a clear understanding of the opportunities, challenges, and necessary strategic steps required to successfully establish their presence in the new geography.


Increase in Revenue

Product Expansion

In supporting a client's expansion of their service offerings, our approach encompassed a detailed evaluation of their existing market position, customer base.

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