Global Toys & Games Industry Report 2020

The toys and games sector witnessed two major deals that drove most of the transaction value in 2019. Let’s take a look at the key players.

APAC Software Industry Report H2 2019

Software remains one of the hottest sectors for M&A and fundraising. We present to you some of the major M&A transactions to note during last year’s second half.

APAC Paper Packaging Industry Report H1 2019

Which M&A deals from China, Indonesia and Malaysia were notable for the Packaging industry in the first half of 2019? See our report for the answers.

APAC Logistics Industry Report H1 2019

The Logistics industry has continued to evolve in 2019 in response to new technologies and changing consumer trends. To what degree has the theme of change dominated the sector’s Asia M&A activity? Our H1 2019 report has all the key points you need.

How Much is My Company Worth ?

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